This weekend we went to our favourite place to eat! Mexico!

Coincidentally it coincided with the anniversary weekend of when the husband and I first met, in a Mexican neighbourhood of Chicago, doing a service project together. Tacos, Burritos and Horchata have always had a special place in our heart, and by the end of the weekend the kids were asking to ‘stay longer’ in Mexico.

While it was a little harder to motivate the kids with craft/art activities this weekend we found a couple of things to do.

We made

  • Maracas with leftover plastic Easter eggs, rice, plastic spoons and some washi tape. Super easy and the toddlers joyed this one. Lots more ideas at Baby Devotions blog.
  • Foil drawings. This would have been better if someone had remembered to purchase the Sharpie markers but kids got a little creative eventually.
  • We also tried some Mexican flags. Green and Red were easy enough but the emblem in the middle is intricate with all of its symbolism! For more history on the flag check this out

We ate…way too much!

  • Burritos- just some simply home made burritos for dinner. Nothing too fancy.
  • Cheesy Bean dip. I miss Dips and chips. This one was yum and reminded me again why it is easier to maintain a healthy weight in Australia!
  • Nachos. We made them on a platter, half Chicken, half beef (leftovers from the burritos the night before) with fresh tomato, black beans, the leftover Cheesy Bean dip, cucumber, Mexican Cheese, Avocado and Sour cream on top. Delish!
  • Mexican Breakfast casserole. Another dish from our days in America that I had forgotten about. Chorizo sausage, eggs, veggies, salsa and tortillas layered like a lasagna. The husband and I liked it, the kids didn’t.
  • Churros. I grabbed a couple of boxes from Aldi a few weeks ago. We made a dairy batch and a dairy free batch. Easy enough and miss 10 could do all of the prep on her own but she needed help cooking them in the oil. Yummy enough but they didn’t have the same elegant ‘churro look’ as San Churros. 😛💩
  • Horchata. I grew to love these in Pilsen, the Mexican neighbourhood the husband and I met in. A sweet rice drink, I gave it a go. The verdict was that it was better then expected. Certainly drinkable, but not quite right.
  • Margaritas! Yum!

We watched

  • Mexico history in 5 minutes. So much to learn!
  • The older kids and the husband watched most of this documentary, included some of the cultural ceremonies and information on manufacturing.
  • We checked out a story about Hector, a very talented Compassion Sponsored Child who lives in Mexico.
  • And to round out the weekend we watched Coco. None of us had actually seen the movie and the girl’s were a little wary. When we visited Chicago in 2018 we returned to Pilsen, the neighbourhood we met in, and went to ‘Day of the dead’ children’s activities with friends. Coco helped us make sense of the experience we had in Pilsen and brought back lots of fun memories! We all LOVED the movie, the toddlers even played nicely so that I could watch the whole thing!

Mexico was wonderful and I am still full! I don’t know if it is somewhere I would actually like to travel to or if visiting the neighbourhoods in Chicago is close enough for me. But I do like their food.

We don’t have a walking challenge this week because we are focussing on a Ping Ping a thon challenge instead (more details to come) but next weekend we will be following the footsteps of the ANZACS 105 years ago. Our journey to Turkey will be far less harrowing then it was for the young men who landed on the shores of Gallipoli but it is important for us to remember.

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