Easter in Israel

We continued our world tour with a pilgrimage stopover in Israel as we celebrate that Jesus has Risen. The experience of spending the weekend learning, eating, creating and remembering those last days and moments of Jesus’ life, and then all that has followed in the Holy land was an Easter to remember.

As it was a long weekend (Friday to Monday here in Oz) with nowhere to go we took our time. A little less creating this weekend, a little more eating and watching. So much to learn about a very complicated country. It is difficult for me to comprehend, that is why I left explaining it to the kids up to the husband 🙂

We watched –

  • Risen on Netflix. Just Mr nearly 13, the husband and I. It shares the story of a Roman soldier and his experience from Good Friday to the ascension of Christ. Different, not particularly completely factual but the Theologian in the house assures me that it is pretty accurate. What I did love was the journey through Israel, literally showing the walk from Jerusalem to Galilee. We really enjoyed the movie.
  • 7 Days in the Holy Land with Franklin Graham and his daughter. All the kids watched this and loved it. Short enough and interesting for even the 5 year old to watch. The stories are familiar enough for the kids but it took on a new meaning when you see people on the water as they read about Jesus in the storm. We watched this on Right Now Media.
  • To get a tiny understanding of the history and the complexity of Israel we watched this on YouTube. It follows history from the beginning to now with the map growing and shrinking as the land changed hands over and over again.
  • We also threw in the Prince of Egypt- because there were 4 whole days and the kids love this movie.

We created

  • Maps of Israel using whatever materials we wanted! Everyone needed to create a ‘key’ for their map but the rest was up to them.
  • Nevaeh and I also had a go at making scenery of Jerusalem with jars. Tissue paper, glue and an empty jar.

We Ate

  • Pomegranates and Dates! Plus a few other bits and pieces with Hummus.
  • Bagels! From the Holy Bagel Company. Just delicious! We don’t often have these (there was a reason I grew a few sizes when The only place I new to walk to was the local bagel shop in Connecticut!) but they were Yum! Apparently Begyl mean ring in Yiddish. That was excuse enough for us to eat it in Israel!
  • Sticking to the bread theme we made Flatbread. Easy and yummy. Our savoury flatbread had feta, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes (whatever was in the fridge) and the sweet bread had Nutella. Delicious!

We tried to make Olive Oil but totally failed! The only thing I managed to do was turn my finger, well, olive! But we did have fun picking Olives off our tree!

It was another great weekend. These activities are interspersed throughout our days and the kids who want to join in do, particularly with the creative activities! It has been a lot of fun and we are looking forward to one day walking the streets of Israel. Until then, we have been moved by the uncertainty and complexities of the people that live within the boundaries of Israel.

Last week we travelled 100kms as a family (walking, running or cycling) to purchase 50 Bibles for the SScripture for the Millions project in China through the Australian Bible Society. It kept us busy, motivated a few of the younger kids to get moving and gave us an outlet. In Israel today, families live in a fear that I can not understand. Even in our current state of affairs, I know that we are safe. The stressors of living in a region that has been plagued by war and division can not be easy. The Arab Israeli Bible Society works primarily with women and families, they serve the local church and the wider community. Their creation of a children’s Bible that cultivates a culture of peacemaking and reconciliation in a conflict driven land is inspiring!

So our challenge this week is to walk (ride or run) from Nazareth to Jerusalem (145km) as a family to support the important work of the Arab Israeli Bible Society. Would love you to join us or find your own challenge! Next stop Mexico and Nicaragua! Adios Amigos!

Last weeks journey ‘across’ the Great Wall of China to support the Scripture for Millions project in China.

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