Is it really a Good Friday?

I’m hiding.


Grabbed my glass of wine and I’ve stepped outside at 5:30pm….with a house full of kids. I can still hear the yelling. Miss 5 loosing it because we dared asked her to clean up her bedroom floor. The toddlers thinking her screaming is a game and they have jumped on their motorbikes to chase her!

I’ve had too many discussions with my boys about behaviours. Explaining to them again, and again that there is never a reason that makes it ok for them to jump, push, hit, yell at their sisters. Their excuses are not something I am going to hear. They just to to take responsibility and never do it again. I don’t know if there is a lot of grace in that but after 3 weeks of living in each other’s pockets, with no down time, little sleep and worries that just keep on creeping in. I’ve reached my ‘had enough’ limit.

So before I begin to demand further actions out of my tired, frustrated and sad offspring, I am going to take a moment to reset. To hide out in the breeze under my frangipani tree and reflect just a little on the season.

In a few hours it will be Good Friday. A day of contemplation, reflection and ultimately hope. I can’t help but wonder what that first Good Friday felt like when they didn’t know the end of the story. When Jesus’ followers watched him die on the cross and thought that was the end. While our current circumstances are not the same, for the first time in my lifetime (and probably yours), we don’t know the end of this part of the story. We have lost our normal and we don’t know when or if we will ever get it back.

While this Good Friday and Easter weekend won’t I have the same flair as what we have become accustomed too, perhaps it will be the most authentic one we have ever had yet. As we know the ultimate end. We sit in the hope that Sunday is coming. That the tomb was empty. That Jesus arose. You see death could not hold him down! He has risen! Now he is seated upon the throne! The lamb of God.

While so much is uncertain, so much is hard. The days are long and the nights so short! Our Sunday will come. We have hope in that. I don’t think normal will look the same, but we don’t have to walk it alone because of what happened on that first Good Friday.

Ok. The crying from inside my house has stopped. My husband really is a good one! So thankful I chose a good person to end up quarantined with for months on end!

I hope this Easter is a time of hope for you amongst the crazy!

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